Staff turnover as a kind of personnel risk in hotel enterprises in Poland

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Proceedings of The International Conference on Applied Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Staff turnover as a kind of personnel risk in hotel enterprises in Poland

Anna Tokarz-Kocik


Staff turnover is the inflow and outflow of employees in an enterprise. Many enterprises have problems not only with finding suitable employees but also with retaining them. The objective of the article is to present an impact of staff turnover on the operation of hotel enterprises. Method: A theoretical part of the study is a result of the use of the desk research method. Unique entity’s influence (i.e. hotel enterprise’s personnel) and the executed processes of human resource management mean that human resource risk has to be assessed individually for each entity. Therefore, the author used case studies in the empirical part aiming at exemplifying human resource activities in the hotel industry. There are results from surveys and interviews with human resource managers conducted in 250 hotels in Poland. The presented research findings confirm that human resource activities in hotels are not always conducted properly. Instead of making full use of employees’ potential, they result in excessive turnover. It poses a serious threat to the smooth functioning of hotels. Due to a limited number of research entities, the research findings cannot be generalized with regard to the whole industry. However, they can serve as the basis for a discussion on the phenomenon of human resource risk in the hotel industry and its impact on work efficiency, thus the functioning of the whole organization.

Keywords: employees; hospitality, motivating, human resources management, threats.

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Anna Tokarz-Kocik

University of Szczecin (Poland), Institute of Management

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